where there is light, there is also your shadow.

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Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel came up with the idea for Underwater Dogs when he was trying to photograph a dog named Buster who wouldn’t stop jumping in the pool. His photos soon became the best selling photography book of 2012.

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Name: Morgan

Birthday: April 2

Favorite color: Turquoise

Lucky number: 8?

Height: 5’7”

Talents:  Writing? Moving my arms in strange ways.

Last dream you remember:  A couple nights ago I had a dream that the cars on a roller coaster 200 miles away from where I was had flown off the track, and were basically raining down around me at the amusement park where I was currently at. So people were falling from the sky and dying and I cried pretty much throughout the entire dream.

Can you juggle: Naw.

Arts/sports/both: I never did a sport, but I’ve done lots of art.

Do you like writing: Yep!

Do you like dancing: I can’t really dance.

Do you like singing: I can’t really sing either but I guess I like to.


Dream vacation: Basically just going to interesting museums and landmarks around the world?

Dream person: I can’t really describe my dream person, since there are so many traits that I wouldn’t think of.

Dream wedding: I visited the old public library in Chicago and I think I’d like to get married there.

Dream pet:  I basically just like dogs they’re as good as it gets.

Dream job: Writer!

Favorite song: Can’t pick a favorite song.

Favorite album: Can’t pick a favorite album either.

Last song you heard on radio: I don’t remember.

Least favorite song: I would have to have listened to all music to decide that.

Least favorite album: Same as above.

Least favorite artist: I really don’t know.


Guys/girls/both: If we’re talking sex then guys.

Hair color: Dark!

Eye color: If I like a person I like their eyes.

Humorous/serious: Humorous for sure.

Taller/shorter:  I kinda like the short ones.

Biggest turn-off: Narcissism. 

Biggest turn-on:  Intelligence or glasses.

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I never planned anything. I just wanted to keep River safe.

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.rar means i love you in file compression

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Power has meaning.

Morrigan for Shanoa

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