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I hate the attitude that I see on Tumblr sometimes that if you’re a shitty person and you’re cishet then suddenly you’re even more shitty? Like a shitty person is a shitty person, if the reason they are shitty is not directly related to their gender or sexuality then why bring it up? 


Germantown Road, Portland, US (by Mandar Deshpande)

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Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope.

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Yo-yo-yo! 148, 3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9. Representin’ the ABQ. What up, biatch? Leave it at the tone.

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my fave thing in video games is when you just leave a character standing there for a minute and they start looking around or straightening their clothes or stretching it’s just great 

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wow i really like this song i think i’m gonna listen to it 1 maybe 60 more times


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